The Non-Invasive
  Anti-Aging System
2,500 Years Ago the Egyptians
Invented the Magnifying Glass to

Concentrate LIGHT Energy
This Can Now be Done with LIFE (Dark) Energy

This is a NEW Technology
For 21st Century Health

(and this may present a mental challenge)

That all of our universe, including each of us, is almost totally filled with energy has now been proven   
   by the worlds' best astrophysicists.  They call it Dark Energy and it is as old as time.  What is new is the    
   discovery of all of the many details about this energy.  That higher and lower concentrations exist in           different areas of space actually relates to human health.  It is interesting how closely this parallels          some ancient teachings.                                                                                                                                        
  The concept that this universal energy can be concentrated by a machine and delivered to a user for        an 
individual health benefit may challenge some personal beliefs.  Regardless, such a technology does  
   exist, and excellent health benefits have been documented for many people over the past three years.       
The R&D herein described is NEW
technology. Improvements are ongoing and
visitation is by
Application / Invitation Only

Please note that this technology is exactly that - a technology. It is a machine.
It is not a philosophy or belief system.

My name is Fred Dexter, I am a 68 year old inventor with several US patents.
I invite you to evaluate this new technology for improved health.

As stated, this is a NEW technology.  The patents have not yet been issued.  Until then the specific
technical details cannot be discussed with anyone without a signed non-disclosure agreement contract.
Please n
ote: There are no chemicals, herbs, drugs or any other substances added to the Life Energy Spa water.

   Health & Life Energy
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